Working in a Culture of Cooperation and Mutual Trust Working in a Culture of Cooperation and Mutual Trust #%SPLIT%#

With a skilled, dedicated and highly educated global workforce of over 2,500, TWS is constantly seeking talented individuals to contribute to our growth. In return we offer an exciting and inspiring place to work – a learning organization where innovation and creative thinking are valued and rewarded. We encourage all employees to build our success together in a harmonious working atmosphere.

Our corporate culture is founded on mutual respect, fair treatment, cooperation and trust. We seek to build a values-based culture which respects and rewards the unique contribution made by each of our talented employees at all levels. As such, we stand firmly against such abuses as discrimination, under-age labor, restrictions on freedom of association, and payment of substandard wages and benefits. Among the key values we foster are teamwork, integrity, openness and continuous learning.

In addition to representing the employees collectively, our in-house labor union arranges a variety of recreational and sporting activities for employees and promotes a harmonious balance between life and work.
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