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These are the core principles that set us apart:

Meeting Customer Desires

We apply our technological expertise and our in-depth understanding of the market to create products that not only meet, but anticipate, the wishes of customers. In recent years the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, with its advantages of high performance and low cost, has become the battery of choice for a wide variety of applications. As a pioneer in researching and developing Lithium-ion battery technology intensively for many years, TWS was among the first to foresee and meet the market demand for these products. Our objective has always been to offer our clients best-in-class battery solutions which achieve the optimum balance between technology and cost.

Quality and Safety

TWS is committed to manufacturing high quality products for our customers, setting ourselves the demanding goal of zero explosions, zero defects, and zero complaints. With our long experience in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery manufacturing, we ensure that product quality and safety are our first priority at every stage of our design, research & development, and validation. Indeed, these factors are integrated into all our production processes, enabling us to comply with all relevant national and international safety and quality standards such as UL, UNDOT, IATA, CTIA, IEEE, GB, CE, IEC, JIS, KC, PSE, GOST-R, BATSO and more. Through Six Sigma and other rigorously applied quality control mechanisms, we build the spirit of quality into every aspect of our work in order to achieve excellence.


We pursue a strategy of sustainable development, seeking to minimize our carbon emissions and promote green energy. Internally, our energy conservation and emission reduction policies help us control costs and support the company's rapid growth and sustained profitability, while enabling us to achieve compliance with international RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) requirements. Externally, our research into storage of renewable energy will contribute to a greener and more sustainable future based on clean energy. In pursuit of our sustainable development goals, TWS has not only joined the China Energy Association, but has become an active member of this organization. Furthermore, we have recruited a number of international emission reduction experts as consultants to guide us in effectively combining efficient production with sustainable development.

Design to Cost

TWS is dedicated to maintaining good long-term relationships and excellent communication with our upstream suppliers, building strategic partnerships with them with the aim of controlling expenditure requirements throughout our supply chain. With more than 15 years' experience in the product design process, we fully understand customer needs for high quality within strict financial parameters. In order to meet them, we have successfully developed a flexible shared platform for developing different products, enabling us to design and produce flexible cost-effective solutions for our customers while maintaining tight control of product costs, quality and safety at every stage of the process.

Entrepreneurial Management

During our years of rapid development, TWS has been able to maintain a streamlined structure and apply lean management principles in managing the group, keeping our operations flexible and efficient. Entrepreneurial spirit is the soul of TWS, stimulating our creativity and inspiring our employees to fully develop their own potential and to continually improve as they grow with the company. We encourage them to break free of outdated mindsets in order to release their innovative abilities. It is this creative attitude which underlies our achievements as members of the TWS family.
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