Respect Underlies Our Relations with Our Stakeholders Respect Underlies Our Relations with Our Stakeholders #%SPLIT%#

As a responsible employer and member of the community, we strive to fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities through a range of policies and procedures. "Respect" is a key word for TWS and underlies all our policies and actions: respect for our employees, suppliers, customers, business partners and the wider community of which we are part.

Our first responsibility is to our employees, our most valuable resource, and we fully comply with labor legislation and good practice in the various countries where we operate.

We value the contribution of our employees and also encourage active employee involvement in community service. A number of our senior executives also devote some of their time to various forms of community service - our Chairman & CEO Raymond Leung has over many years been enthusiastically involved in philanthropy in Hong Kong and China.

By supporting education, the environment, leadership development and social services, our philanthropic efforts promote social responsibility and create a better life in the community.
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