A Culture of Nurturing Talent under Strong Leadership A Culture of Nurturing Talent under Strong Leadership #%SPLIT%#

TWS benefits from a streamlined organizational structure led by a richly experienced management team, ensuring highly efficient administration. Many of our senior executives bring with them business acumen, competencies and client insights acquired in Fortune 500 global technology companies such as Motorola, LG Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Nokia and Shell. From this proactive top-tier team downwards, our workforce collectively possesses a wealth of talent, expertise, experience and commitment which compares favorably with any of our industry peers.

Under this visionary leadership team, the company has developed a corporate culture founded on cooperation, mutual respect and shared learning which creates a positive and progressive working environment and gives employees an excellent platform for expressing their creativity. A comprehensive internal talent team training system promotes the personal growth and development of each employee. Each year the company attracts and recruits talent from renowned colleges and universities, injecting fresh blood to provide strong support for sustainable development.

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