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The Key to Battery Performance

A Battery Management System (BMS) is crucial to any battery that contains multiple series-connected cells. As well as providing the monitoring and control systems necessary to achieve safe operation, the BMS provides optimal battery performance by maximizing operational life and effective capacity, and provides safe and consistent performance over the battery life cycle.

As battery applications strive for increases in efficiency through higher operating voltage, there is a need for more sophisticated battery management systems. TWS is ready for these challenges with its proprietary Active Cell Balancing BMS technology and strong program management.

We have developed patented technology providing scalable BMS solutions to meet both the present and future requirements of the electric vehicle and energy storage system market. Key to the technology is our proprietary protected Precise SoC/SoH monitoring and management architecture can provide the following functionality:

  • Manage charge rate to balancing the achieved balanced capacity for all cells
  • Cells balanced on capacity and voltage during the charging and discharging
  • Can be configured as an internal charger
  • System is independent of cell chemistry
  • Accurate and extensive measurement of cell parameters
  • Software configurable
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