TWS's Success Stories in Electric Vehicles TWS's Success Stories in Electric Vehicles #%SPLIT%#

Case 1: EV Battery System Design

TWS was involved with a US Fortune 500 automotive technology company in an EV design project, with the primary customer located in China. The project was to modify the existing running sedan model to convert it to pure EV propulsion.

TWS had to design and build the whole battery system within the defined space constraints and had to meet both international and Chinese government regulatory requirements. The battery system delivers 40kWh with a driving range of over 150 km. The thermal management system has to withstand the extreme temperature variations throughout the seasons in China. The battery system works efficiently with the Powertrain and Vehicle Control units provided. The design was completed in 3 months. The vehicle test run was successful, and TWS's performance is well appreciated by the Chinese automotive customer.

The Structure of the Battery Modules Sample EV Testing

Case 2: Container Stacking System

To continue effort in supporting Chinese Government initiative in reducing carbon emission and energy re-cycling, TWS has worked together with our customer, one of the top 3 equipment Company in China in the construction machinery industry, in converting the Container stacking vehicle used in Container port from the normal diesel engine powered to a PHEV powered.

Details of the BMS Designed

Dimension: L1399mm × W1012mm × H520mm
Battery output Voltage: 588.8V
Capacity: 60Ah
Energy capacity: 35.328kWh (552 20Ah LiFePO cell)
Weight: 500kg
System includes: Power Battery Pack system. BMS. HV Charge/Discharge switch control. Forced air cooling system, all safety protection systems.

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